Weightless - #TakeTenContest

Original artwork from 10 Adobe Stock images for #TakeTenContest (powered by @adobestock) Info: http://create.adobe.com/2016/2/17/take_10.html Rules (abstract): - Download 10 images and use all of them (and only those 10). - Represent the theme “weightless” in your art. - Share the final artwork on Behance by June 8. Hashtag the Behance project with #TakeTenContest. Then tweet to @AdobeStock; include the URL of your Behance project and #TakeTenContest in your Twitter post. - Your work should be 12"x18" at 300 dpi.

"Weight of light, weightless"
Original Artwork for TAKE 10 CHALLENGE

Concept: The "weighless" feature the human soul (symbolized by colored feathers), imprisoned in the iceberg (desaturated colors symbolizes de-individuality).
Feathers (the human soul) are released from the ice from light and become colors that lights up the world.
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