Photoshop tutorial - using 3 random images
Photoshop tutorial for beginners Using only 3 images (weekly random selecion by Fotolia) create a simple visual photo-manipulation.
Photoshop tutorial for beginners
Using only 3 images (weekly random selecion by Fotolia) create a simple visual photo-manipulation.

Some example from first creative challenge on Facebook (group: "Artlandis'workshop")

First visual: "Alien Ship at Sunset" (with 3D Photoshop)
Second visual: "Green Abstract"
Alien Ship at Sunset - Final render 
original images by Fotolia
Step 1: creates baselines with vector shapes
Step 2: refine vector shapes
Step 3: define the perspective grid reference from photo
Step 4: extrude the vector shape (refer to the perspective grid)
Step 5: creates alternatives of the 3D ship to overlay some different effects
Step 6: using background image apply texture to subject (effect like "Predator" camouflage)
Step 7: using 3D Properties Panel modify options for the levels "rectangle" (see figure). 
Step 8: adjust global light (use your photo references)
Step 9: using alternative renderings you can refine the ship colors and texture effect,
Step 10: mix renderings (layer's overlay effect) and shadows in scene (use your photo references).
Step 11: add lights and color moods using your photo references
(see next figures)
Step 12: apply lights and moods (use your photo references)
Step 13: apply lights and moods (use your photo references)

Using 2 from free photos you can create some Abstract Effects (with Symmetry Reflection and mood manipulation) like this:
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