PACKLY - Sample Iterative Kit 
Concept identity and visual assets for:
- Brand Identity 
- Evangelist (or Influencers)
- Social Media Animation (backgrounds)
- Social wall (tools for landing pages and/or Facebook Apps)
- Corporate kit (elements, format and mockup)
- Advertising  (elements, animations, format and mockup)
01 - Concept study (Mood, colors, assets, style, fx and suggestions)
02 - Backgrounds (Sample layouts, colors, assets, style and suggestions)
03 - Mashup and test mockup (layouts and suggestions)
04 - Concept mockup (promo suggestion for brand identity and new style)
05 - Concept for evangelist (Social media kit and backgrounds for evangelist/Influencers/partners)
06 - Landing pages (Tools online for gallery, contest, suggestions and "flip-pages-digest")
07 - Concept animation for brand identity and social media (Mood, colors, assets, style, fx and suggestions)
(Anno di realizzazione del progetto: 2015)
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