Mamma Mia Resort - Logo Design
Mamma Mia Resort - Logo Design
Mamma Mia Resort
Mission: Making identity, naming and alternate version for all services
Mood: Passion for Sea, Sun of South Italy, Colors entertainment.

Keywords: "Mamma Mia" + "bed & breakfast" + "Sea" + "Sun" + "Cooking school" + "Trekking"
Naming (final choice): Mamma Mia do it ->
Pay off: "Sea, Sun & more..."
Headline: "Do it" -> "you want Sea, sun, the cooking school, doing trekking? you can do it. Mamma Mia. Do it. Now."
Main Logo (final version)
Variant for main logo
Concept shapes for main logo
Main Logo Alternatives (emphasize the mood: "do it" )
main logo version for services: Trekking, Cooking School, Beach (Sun & Sea)
Waves: concept for web, design and more graphics
Corporate Identity (samples)
Screenshot sketchbook
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